Map Collector

Leslie Brown
(C. Eng., M.I.E.I., M. Sc.)


Leslie Brown is a graduate in civil engineering from Trinity College Dublin and Imperial College London. His career in civil engineering encompassed extensive computing applications.

He has been engaged in the collecting of digital images of historic maps for over 30 years. The Collection now exceeds 40,000 map images including an extensive archive of Irish maps and a unique collection of worldwide historic atlases.


Digitising Maps


Leslie Brown was directly involved in the introduction of Computer Aided Design Systems into Ireland which led to his specialisation in digitising maps.

He has carried out a wide range of digitisation projects ranging from Irish Grand Jury maps, large scale maps of London & Paris, Worldwide atlases of nautical charts etc.

The L Brown Collection is the result of his desire to protect valuable mapping and to make an important source of historic information including unique historic mapping, available to the widest range of private, academic, public and private sector users.

“There is nothing more evocative of Heritage and History,
than the significant information displayed in a high quality historic map.
It helps to bring to life the time frame of a perhaps bygone age.
A map can be quite a nostalgic object as it links a previous time with the present.”

Leslie Brown